Change in DuPage

On November 6th, you have the opportunity to elect the first Democrat to the DuPage County 18th Circuit Court. Be a part of Change in DuPage. 

The People's Endorsement

Experience, fairness, intelligence, and heart.

These are just a few reasons fellow DuPage County residents support Judge Linda Davenport. Click play to hear their stories. 

How Citizens Pick Their Judges

Judge Linda Davenport has been on the bench in DuPage County for over a decade. Now she's running to be one of the decision-makers in the Courthouse. With your help, the Judge can promote more diversity in our courtrooms. 

Vote the Whole Ballot

Visit for a detailed description of every office you'll find on your DuPage County ballot.  An informed citizen votes 


Experience Matters in DuPage

Judge Linda Davenport is a sitting Associate Judge with almost 40 years of legal experience, 12 of them on the bench.  Her breadth of experience spans DuPage County, and includes running her own business and serving her community in multiple ways.  Vote Davenport on November 6th, and choose the candidate not just with the most experience, but with the best experience.